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How To Sign Up As A Young Living Member

Why hello! If you are reading this and have NO clue what this whole “membership” thing is all about…well you need to go and read Becoming A Member Is Not Signing Your Life Away. Once you’ve done that you can follow the instructions here to sign up.

Now that you are NOT freaked out anymore about becoming a member…let’s tell you how to get signed up!

  • First you are going to go Young Living’s website and click your language preference.
  • That should bring up their website and now click in the top right corner where it says “Member Sign Up”
  • Don’t let the word “compensation plan” freak you out…think, I AM A MEMBER.
  • Click the become a member button.
  • You NOW begin to fill out all that information.
  • Click the button Independent Distributor (again, think MEMBER), not customer…customer just means you pay retail…you want .distributor prices.
  • You put the following number in the Enroller and Sponsor box.     1381206  (my name should pop up) Monique McLean (You will need to TYPE this number in…don’t copy and paste, that creates a problem sometimes).

****Please make note. If any of the following Lemon Droppers referred you, PLEASE use THEIR member number in the enroller and sponsor box. Here are their member numbers:

Me (Monique McLean) - 1381206

Anna Wight - 1398537

Lindsay Moreno – 1403816

Natalie Elrod - 1408893

Fallon Barnett - 1424573

Stephanie Gibson - 1431047

Gila McCormick - 1400935

Elisha Juarez - 1418295

Flo Smyth - 1423293

Joan and Rick McLean - 1421413

Carmine Loper - 1421488

Josie Jones -1418274

Janell Vonigas - 1414945

Julie Charters - 1424436

Jessica Marquina - 1417681

Brittany Anderson - 1420408

Kelli Wright - 1367019

Crystal Burchfield - 1239597

Leah Espy - 1381885

Stacy McQuade - 1405958

Joy Rangel - 1412917

Kim Edwards - 1421251

Laura Ownby - 1410385

Jan Tanis – 1424385

Danielle Prestley – 1413914

Laura and Chris Craft - 1417365

Veronica Van Horn - 1427543

Nicki Veenstra - 1422521

Emily Mangina - 1428778

Traci Isom - 1430743

Martha Williams (Tranquil Transitions) - 1430840

Laurie Peacock - 1419970

Kimmie Gleeson-Santoriello - 1425197

Vashti Hill - 1428147

Karla Obregon - 1431674

Katie Fischer - 1438019

Remember, don’t copy and paste…actually type these numbers in the boxes. :)

  • This now shows me you signed up and I will give you access into The Lemon Drop Lounge Facebook Group.
  • Continue to fill out your information.
  • It DOES ask for your SS#…Why? Well, because you do have the capability now to turn this into a business ONLY if you desire to. They are required to get that to pay you. You never know…your friends may want to order from you one day.
  • If you DO NOT want to receive emails from YL, DO NOT enter your email address. Just FYI, even checking the box to NOT receive company emails…STILL allows others in the upline to send emails. So just keep that in mind. I will ALWAYS keep you informed of all deals and promos on the FB group and your enroller will keep  you informed as well, if you wish to not share your email address.
  • Create your username and password.
  • The pin # is if you need to go to the live help section or call in…they ask for your pin #. Just make something up…(but remember it, because I forgot mine…haha).


  • Now, pick your kit. There are several there. I have only informed you of the $40 and $150 Essential Oil Kits. Feel free to look at the other options. The Thieves cleaner sparked my interest, but I started with the oils. ;)
  • Click that you agree, pay, and you are done.

Yay! You are a member! WooooHoooo. I remember how excited I was to receive my starter kit. I have had two friends recently sign up and they kept emailing and texting me saying how excited they were about getting their oils…it was like you were waiting for Christmas Day…I TOTALLY understand!

Your membership will stay active as long as  you spend at least $50 in a calender year. You DO not have to continue to “renew” your membership…that kit was a one time thing and you will remain a member as long as you spend that $50 a  year. Which trust me…will never be a problem.

Alright, congratulations!!! Can’t wait to meet you and get to know you more over in The Lemon Drop Lounge Facebook Group!






    • WoooHooo. I LOVE Kelli! My best bud. :)

  1. Oh yeah!! I see Chris and Laura have a number.
    I’m going to lay my Gbaby down, get on my pc and use my Xmas/Bday money and sign up.

    • Perfect. Yes, just follow the directions in that post and then use their member number in the enroller box. You will see their name pop up. Woooohoooo, SO glad you are getting the kit!