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Essential Oils Pocket Reference 5th Edition


The VERY first thing I bought after I ordered my Essential Oils Kit was the Essential Oils Pocket Reference. I actually got it in the mail before I got the oils and that was making it even HARDER to wait to get my hands on these new oils. The book I have is the 5th Edition and it is put out by Life Science Publishing. I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend getting this book if you are using Young Living Essential Oils. I use it EVERY single day. No joke. There is one thing I can promise you on my website…I will NEVER suggest you buying a product, book, ANYTHING, if I do not think highly of it. That is my promise.

There are actually two reference books. This one and the Essential Oils Desk Reference, the pocket one is MUCH MUCH cheaper and a great one to get you started. I personally do not own the desk reference, but have plans on purchasing it soon. I have looked through my friend’s and it does go into explaining different things about the oils, and more scientific information and such. I feel confident though that the pocket reference will be great to get you started!

The Pocket Reference has TONS of information. The great thing about it is that it’s referring to YOUNG LIVING oils, blends, and supplements. It tells how you can use it, diffuse, apply topically, and ingest. It tells you recipes you can create that may help with certain things like coughs, cold, flu, headaches, and the list goes on and on. I love it because it lists EVERY single oil and blend that Young Living has and tells their botanical family, plant origin, extraction methods, key constituents, historical data, medical properties, uses, fragrant influences, how to apply, and if there are any cautions. I COULD NOT LIVE without my Essential Oils Pocket Reference. Seriously! Well, I could live, but my life with oils would be MUCH more complicated.

If you have a nerd side like I do, then you can explore all kinds of molecular and scientific facts about essential oils. The book also has a section that goes into MAJOR detail about applying oils, ingesting oils and diffusing oils. There is a whole section on biblical references. A MAJOR part of the book lists different problems you may face, such as fever, coughs, colds, headaches, different disease processes, and it tells you what they think may help with those issues. I am SO intrigued with this section. It also explains what that disease process is…LOVE the wealth of information.

Finally, there is a chart on the back that lists ALL the oils out and then graphs what things these may benefit. Like, nervous system, cardiovascular system, respiratory system, digestive system, immune system, glandular/hormonal system, emotional balance, muscles and bones, antiaging, oral hygiene, and skin and hair.

I purchased my book online here. I promise you, promise you, promise you…if you use Young Living Oils, this book is a MUST have!

As always, if you have any questions, leave them in the comment section of this post.