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Why I Use “Young Living” Essential Oils

When I first started researching Young Living Essential Oils, my OH SO opinionated brother felt the need to inform me of all the other essential oils out that were MUCH cheaper. He went on and on about this and that, blah blah blah, so I decided to just see for myself. My first visit, a local, very popular, natural food store. I went straight to the essential oils and, yep, he was right…the price was cheaper. I pick up the bottle and ask a friendly employee…”can you take these internally”? She responded with a quick, NO. This is not for internal use. Hmmmm. Okay. I look on the bottle and sure enough. Do not ingest.

Well, well, well. There must be a reason why  you can’t ingest these oils…right? As I began doing some research I found that MANY companies ADD things to enhance aroma, put chemicals on their plants, manufacture in a way that will take the “therapeutic” qualities out of the oil and so on. Let’s face it…it’s all about the bottom dollar for many companies. The cheaper you can make it, the more stores may choose your brand. Cheaper is NOT better. I also like to think of it this way. Why do you think extra virgin olive oil is more expensive? Because it is a higher grade oil. Higher grade is just going to cost more.

Here is what Young Living says about their process.

The process Young Living uses when planting, cultivating, harvesting, and distilling a batch of oil is crucial to retaining its vital compounds. Without the exact blend of naturally-occurring plant chemicals, an essential oil can lose its beneficial properties and fail to produce the desired effect.

Young Living Therapeutic Grade (YLTG) means that every essential oil Young Living distills or sources has the optimal naturally-occurring blend of constituents to maximize the desired effect. Young Living is able to make this assertion because of our strict cultivation process—illustrated by the Four Ps—that guarantees the optimal potency of every Young Living essential oil.


An oil’s potency can be affected not only by selecting the proper plant to cultivate, but also by where the plant is grown, the quality of soil in which the seed is planted, and even the time of day it’s harvested.

Young Living has extensive experience selecting the correct species of plant for desired oil potency, planting under optimal conditions, using ideal soil and natural methods to encourage growth, and knowing the precise time to harvest each crop. Only those plants that produce the most active and widest array of therapeutic compounds are selected.


Once the optimal soil, plant, cultivation, and harvesting conditions have been adhered to, the plants must be distilled properly in order to meet Young Living Therapeutic Grade standards. Young Living uses a gentle, proprietary technique for steam-extracting the most potent essential oils, which remains unmatched throughout the essential oils industry.

To meet Young Living Therapeutic Grade distillation standards proper temperature must be maintained throughout the distillation process, and pressure, length of time, equipment, and batch size are strictly monitored.


Young Living Therapeutic Grade standards prohibit the acceptance of any diluted, cut or adulterated oils. Every product Young Living produces—essential oils, oil blends, nutritional supplements, or personal care—meets strict purity standards.

Every batch of essential oils is subjected to rigorous, state-of-the-art analysis at the Young Living chemistry lab. Using some of the most advanced equipment in the world, our scientists subject every batch of essential oils to Gas Chromatograph and Mass Spectrometer testing, and heavy metals analysis. Oils that exhibit even the slightest hint of possible adulteration or tampering are rejected.


The culmination of the preceding three stages, Potency means that the naturally occurring compounds contained in each essential oil product are of the highest and most consistent bioactive levels. Without strict adherence to the Young Living Therapeutic Grade standard in the Plant, Preparation, and Purity phases, the final product would not have the necessary potency to create the desired effect.

Very long story short. I have read a pretty good bit of information about the different companies out there. I have read review after review, article after article. I came to the conclusion that I feel VERY confident that I am getting the best quality of oil from Young Living. There may be others out there just as good, but I have personally used these oils and I am pleased with the results I get. If my mind ever changes on that I can assure you that you will be the first to know. I can be quite opinionated myself…just like my brother, and I’m TOTALLY not afraid to share my views. :)

I have mentioned this in another post, but I will mention it here as well. I HAVE read some of the negative claims about the company founder on some sites that spews negativity about a LOT of people who go the “natural” route or promote the “natural” route. I have also read articles from the founder himself answering every claim ever made against him.  I can only go by what I know. I know that I have used these oils and they TOTALLY ROCK MY FACE OFF. That’s enough in my book.

As always, if you have questions or comments, feel free to leave them in the comment section below.